Guru's Hair

It is mandatory for Sikhs to keep their hair uncut, Guru Nanak Dev ji said it and it was unquestionable after Guru Gobind Singh Ji made it part of our discipline.

However, it really makes me sad when people cut parts of their hair but keep other bits.

This is a bigger problem for the female sikh population, especially when it comes to eyebrows/facial hair. We, as sikhs, cannot remove ANY hair from the body. However, i can see why people do it (as i've done it many years ago).

If we are to be sikhs, i.e give our heads to the Guru through the Amrit ceremony, then we must live FOR Guru Sahib. I know it seems hard, but who cares what anyone in this world thinks.

When we die, they arent going to go with us, they arent going to be used as an excuse "I was thinking about what other people thought about me...". The only thing that will go with us is how much Naam Simran/Seva (Meditation/Service to Guru,Mankind) and how much we've erred in life.

It makes me even sicker when I find Singhs who say "I wouldnt marry a Singhni if she has facial hair", you wouldnt marry someone because of a gift your Guru has bestowed on someone? If Singhs think this way then they arent worthy or marrying sisters who have so much love for the Guru that they will keep their hair - to hell with what other people think.

If a Singh says that he wouldnt marry a female simply because of facial hair or other hair, than they arent worthy or being Guru's Sikhs. The Guru blesses us with kesh, but to us manmukhs it revolts us? We are the revolting ones if we think like this.



Anonymous said...

Singh ji,

In your blog you have listed Gurmat STudies and in brackets you put (Dodra Keertan).

Singh ji the keertan on the website is from various sangats and furthermore this website not operated by "Dodra" sangat.

The "dodra" sangat keertan is beautiful but that is not all that is on that website!

It is owned by Gurmat Studies Foundation which does a lot of parchar through English katha and youth camps.

They also run the Guru nanak Academy, Shaheed Baba Deep singh Gatka Akhara, and the Kaurs United Sikh Womens youth camp.

They also do speeches at Interfaith conferences.

Their sevadars are afiliated with Damdami Taksal, Akhand Kirtani jatha, Dodra SAngat, and other sangats.

So please take that comment out of the brackets as you are categorizing them in an inappropriate way.

Confused Khalsa said...

Apologies Brother/Sister ji,

i hope the changed text is ok.

I only added Dodra, because it was one of the few sites i could find on the net that had alot of content on it. If you know of any more please let me know (i promise not to label them anything you dislike ;) )

Many thanks, and no offence intended.

Anonymous said...

singh ji,
I have a question...You talk about how some people kep some hair and not I ask yyou how many girls do you know that wear a dastar and actually keep there hair
(all) because as a girl myself who wears a dastar i see many girls my age (21ish) that are amritdari but still do something for their facial how do you tell them that its not right?

Confused Khalsa said...

Fateh Bhanji,
The only way i think we can get through to these sisters is by educating them at sikhi camps, or via the internet.

i believe, (probably incorrect) that many sisters who alter their facial apperance have a slightly low self esteem, therefore to approach them over something as sensitive as their facial hair wouldnt be fair to them. Unless we know of another sister close to them who could bring up the subject effectively.

I hope this helps, and sorry if i offended yourself.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
Vaheguru ji ki fateh